I have stolen the concept of the ‘critical inch’ from Richard Carlsen’s excellent book Don’t Worry, Make Money. If you are running a business, the critical inch is the action you need to take today which will make the biggest difference to the success of your business. It could be to chase a large unpaid invoice, make a sales call to a prospect or even book yourself a holiday because you’re exhausted. The concept of the critical inch works for weight management, too. All you have to do is find your own critical inch – the single action which will make the biggest difference to your weight.  Not in an expert’sRead More →

I once saw a woman flush three-quarters of a large ice cream cake she had been given down the toilet. Her guests including the cake giver had each eaten a slice and she didn’t want the leftovers sitting around to tempt her off her diet. If this anecdote shocks you as much as the incident shocked me at the time, you may be overweight because you can’t bear to waste food. Join the club. My mother was ten years old the year WWII broke out, and taught me, by example, that wasting food is a crime. Yet many diet books tell you to ignore the principle of good housekeeping and bin leftoversRead More →

Here’s a weight management tip that has helped me a lot.  I’d say it’s my No. 1 most effective tip and it may work for you, too. DON’T BUY BISCUITS. Do not even enter the biscuit aisle of the supermarket and don’t keep biscuits in your cupboards or, heaven forbid, a glass cookie jar out on your kitchen counter. If you can stop after eating just one biscuit, I salute you. You do not have a problem. But if you’re like me, it’s a different matter. I can eat a whole packet of Bahlsen chocolate-coated biscuits, Sainsbury’s peanut cookies, or Duchy Original oaten biscuits atRead More →